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Driving independently without a professional instructor by your side can seem daunting at first and it is a fact that the more inexperienced a driver you are, the more likely you are to have an accident. Pass Plus is an optional course, with no exam, that you can take once you have passed your practical driving test to help enhance your driver awareness skills and reduce the risk of having an accident. The course involves 6 additional hours of professional tuition, covering:

  1. Motorways
  2. Dual Carriageways
  3. Country Roads
  4. Town Centre
  5. Rush Hour
  6. Night Time

The benefits of the course not only include increasing your hazard perception skills but also many insurance companies offer incentives to those people who have undertaken the course. It is worth adding that you do not need to have just recently passed your driving test to qualify for doing the Pass Plus course, as long as you have a valid UK driving licence you are eligible to take the course.