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Your First Lesson

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Your instructor will pick you up from your home, school or place of work. Your driving instructor will then explain to you how your driving course is going to work. What to prepare for how to study for the theory test, there will be a lot going on in your first lesson, so a two hour session is usually the norm. You will driven somewhere away from busy streets, so you do not have to deal with any complex traffic situations on your first lesson. Bring along or wear some sensible shoes that will make using the foot controls easier.

Don’t worry if you forget anything, your instructor will use a drivers record of progress, which keeps a track of all that you have done.

Car control can be a lot to take in at first – it’s all about physical motor reactions, which sometimes require a new range of skills, response times and hand-to-eye co-ordination skills. Even a simple procedure like moving off involves dealing with the clutch, gears, handbrake, indicators and checking the mirrors – it’s like you’re in multitasking overdrive. But don’t worry, your instructor will go over these area’s time and time again until you gradually begin to do more on your own.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, that’s what your instructor expects, and will encourage you to do, if you don’t ask you will never learn. But don’t worry if this makes you uncomfortable – hopefully you’ll relax as you become familiar with the situation.

It is recommended that prior to taking your test you should have had 40 hours in-car tuition with a qualified driving instructor and then another 25-30 hours practice with friends or family.

We strongly recommend that all candidates prepare thoroughly for the test. To help prepare we recommend The Highway Code, relevant books from our Essential Skills series and Know Your Traffic Signs. The official theory test books and CD-Roms contain the multiple choice questions. The CD-Roms show screens similar to those used in the multiple-choice part of the test and information about hazard perception.

Being a safe driver with good hazard perception skills means being able to use speed correctly, keeping the correct distance between yourself and other road users, scanning the road effectively, anticipating and planning for potential hazards.
All these skills can be taught effectively. You should prepare with skill2pass professional instructor as part of a structured programme of on-road tuition, covering the recommended driving syllabus.

Good luck with your driver training programme, and don’t forget if you need any help, just ask.

Learn to Drive

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At Skill2pass Driving School we understand that your driving lessons need to fit around other commitments like work, that money may be tight and that your knowledge will be different to that of the next learner. With that in mind, Skill2pass Driving School has designed a range of driving courses to suit your individual needs.

What’s more, our introductory offers are a great way to not only boost your confidence with the car but to also introduce you to your driving instructor. Moreover, our competitive rates and block booking discounts will ensure that you get good value for money throughout your course of driving lessons.

If time’s an issue then why not ask us about our range of intensive driving courses? Not only will you get to driving test standard quicker but you can save money too.

Our driver training courses go beyond just the practical driving test. In addition to this our mock driving tests, pass plus courses and motorway tuition mean all your driving needs are catered for.

Furthermore, here at Skill2pass Driving School, we believe that you shouldn’t have to share your driving lesson time with somebody else. That’s why we guarantee all our driving lessons are one-to-one tuition, with no back seat passengers, and unlike some other driving schools our hour lessons REALLY do last for a FULL hour!

Whatever you need, we’re here to help. So go on put the key in the ignition, and with Skill2pass Driving School drive your way to success.

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